Christmas is Christ Coming

I love Christmas, the sights, the smells, the decorations, the feeling of expectation. There is something wonderful about having a whole season focused on…..Christ. Christmas is Christ Coming.

Christmas is Christ Coming


What is your focus? If you go into the world,; it is presents, the gimmee’s, Santa, shopping, rushing, doing and all the stuff that goes along with it. The decorating, the tree and themselves. Smile. Or do you focus on Christmas as Christ Coming?

But to have a whole season to be able to be focused on Jesus, that is a gift. Yes, I know we should do that every day, but to have this season of anticipation… Can you imagine so long ago the anticipation they had waiting for Jesus to come? Knowing He would change our lives forever. Do you anticipate His second coming as much as you do Christmas?


My children joke I am the biggest child at Christmas. I love to decorate for my family, to bake, to buy presents and look forward to how much they will enjoy them. I love to teach my children why we do the things we do at Christmas. Why do we give presents and decorate and bake. Each year we bake a lot. We carol and give cookies to out neighbors. It is my son’s favorite activity for this time of year. He has been repeatedly asking when they can go give cookies out. And sing, loudly to the neighbors. I have been telling him he needs to wait within a week of Christmas. So we looking forward to delivering  cookies and having a wonderful time. Giving, not getting.

Anticipation- Christmas is Christ Coming

Don’t you imagine that Jesus is having a wonderful time anticipating us coming to heaven. We know He is getting a place ready for us. Don’t you think it will be wonderfully decorated with a feast waiting for us. Isn’t it hard to wait for that?


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