6 things I learned from my mother

I know Mother’s day is the usual day to talk your mom but as we look for gifts this time of year I was thinking of the “gifts” she has given me. These are some ways she has blessed me with her life. Here are 6 things I learned from my mother.


She honored my father, she stood by him as he went into different businesses and worked with him. Some were good, some not so good. This is not to say they didn’t argue but that they were united together.

Hard Work

She was a hard worker. She has always worked outside the home growing up. I know I would have rather had her home but she worked hard to help support her family. I remember when I was much younger she worked as a waitress and she couldn’t get the car out of the driveway so she walked to work that night. This was in winter and it was snowing, I am sure she would have rather stayed at home where it was warm but she said you show up for work when you are scheduled. She was faithful in that very much, if she said she would be there, she would. And mostly on time. I remember many times growing up looking for keys to go someplace so I keep them in one place. Although now she is almost always early.

Always Learning

She was not the most organized person growing up but I have seen so much growth in that area and others so I know you always keep learning. She enjoys getting more organized now and I have enjoyed learning that as well. It did not come naturally for me, either. She went to college as an adult after her children went to school.


She is always ready to spend time with me or any family member.  I remember last month she came over exclaiming “I haven’t seen you in forever!” I learned forever is 4 days. She has taken me to many dr appointments, even though we’d both rather go shopping.


She kept a sense of family. I remember driving an hour quite often to visit my grandparents and staying over. We always sang on the way down to visit them too. A lot of family traditions, many of them I still keep. We always looked at lights Christmas Eve. Both sets of grandparents came for holidays, one set always came early and left right after dinner and left early the other set right before dinner and stayed late. As a child I loved it but now as the mom I see how much extra work that would have been for her.
We played games together and read together. She attended programs and cooked our favorite food and snacks.


She loves her children and her grandchildren. She makes a special effort even when she was  far away to let them know that she loves them and visits when she can. Then she reads to them, plays games and we sleep very little.  We are just glad to spend time together. Now that she moved here to be closer to grandchildren and she gets to spend time with them much more.  And she gets to spend time with her great grandchildren too.
I am very blessed with the Mom God gave me.

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