Celebrating Our Children's Differences

I have 10 children and 4 grandchildren  now. Each are very different and have many varied different interests. They were taught a lot of the same things, but each ones take on it was different. Different likes, dislikes and ways of making it their own. We need to not only accept but to be celebrating our children’s differences.

Things I’ve Taught

As adults I can see how they have taken the things I have taught and made them their own. My oldest daughter is a wonderful cook. She even has a business selling soups and breads. She is a coffee connoisseur, I don’t even like coffee. I have taught all my children how to cook but some like it better than others. She also has a knitting business. However, when my granddaughter asked about learning she sew; she told her there’s no such thing as sewing. Ha ha. Needless to say, her sewing lessons didn’t go so well.


I have two daughters that love to coupon and save money. Both of them are far better than I taught them and have totally different approaches to how they do it. One tracks it all on her phone and the other has a marvelous financial binder that  would look at home in a Dave Ramsey class. She also does freezer cooking once a month to save time and money. I remember when we did it growing up and she said she’d never do that. But she’s very good at it and sees the time and labor saving now.


Our children are their own person. Even though I teach all of them to cook, some like it, some have loved it and others do it just because they have to eat. I brought them along side when I was doing and they learned and made it their own. I love to sew and quilt. They have each had introductory sewing but no one likes it yet. But they like to create in other ways. One knits, some scrapbook, one makes jewelry, one does woodworking, one embroiders. They have learned to love art in many forms.

 Celebrating Our Children’s Differences

Our children are not cookie cutter forms, while we as a parents are they same , we cannot respond to each child them same. We have to find what works for them. Even discipline depends on the child. I have a daughter if you even look at her crossly she can burst into tears and another had a very bad melt down and I ended up holding for hours on end. We have to look to see if this is childish behavior or a sin and treat accordingly. We must  look at their heart.

Celebrating Our Children's Differences

Finding Their Bent

When we are looking toward their future we need to see the bent they are going. Some we need to train but God has instilled in their hearts love for certain areas. I have a son even before he was 2 want to use tools and helping. Now I know at the time he was not a help to my husband fixing things and learning to use tools. Now he is a welder and a huge help whenever he stops by.  I have a son who is a computer geek and isn’t that handy? We have to look to see what they love and find resources to help them. Listen to them dream. Help them achieve. And  we need to be celebrating our children’s differences.



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