When Summer Doesn’t Go as Planned




I had great plans this summer. Print outs of summer Bingo, daily plans, foodie plans and fun field trips. We have done none of these. I first had a cast, that means no trips to the beach, or the pool. It’s non weight bearing so no walking trips.  I have a knee scooter which will not fit in my car and we borrowed a wheelchair which doesn’t roll on grass. That did leave library trips. Then I spent 3 days in the hospital for tests in June unexpectedly, which leaves me with 10 hugs a day minimum from my very now clingy daughter. I went to the doctor Wednesday to find out I was having surgery to amputate 2 toes that had been infected for more than 2 months. More time down. I had all these great plans to make up for the last few summers that I was also down. This is the 4th summer with major health problems that limited what I could do. And I was sure this year was different. I was sure after how terrible the last few summers were this would be the one where I could take my children to the beach, to the pool, on field trips and just plain have fun. God has other plans.

Great Plans

I have great plans for you, plans for hope and a future. While we might not know and understand the plans God has, He knows.  He sees the big picture while I can only see this is one more thing I have had to cancel. He sees our hurts and disappointments, He knows the whys we ask. I wish I did. We have still had fun. My older children have made it a point to take my younger children swimming. My children home have been so kind about pushing the wheel chair and bringing me things. They’ve been gracious about what I can’t do. There’s a lot they’ve learned that weren’t on any of the plans I’d made.  So we’re learning to follow plans unmade.

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A Clean House


I saw the funniest cartoon once. A mother walked in with a basket of clothes and said”Now the laundry is all done.” The entire family were just wearing towels. I have felt like that mother, it seems impossible to get it all done.

I don’t think I have had all the rooms in my house clean at the same time . If we work on the upstairs it trickles down. And all the laundry is never all done. Even if I get caught up in the morning once 11 people take showers it piled up again. Oh my, if the flu hits, its time to go to the laundry mat or risk never catching up.I started cleaning out my kitchen cupboards a month ago. Each time I start I straighten up what I have done and then hopefully proceed before time runs out. I’m still not finished. By the time I am finished it one area it’s time to start on the first one again. A clean house seems like a mirage.

Never Ending Dishes and Laundry

Our dishwasher runs constantly. Do you know how many dishes it takes to make a meal for a family of 11? I know holiday meals that people have are not that many. My children went to the dentist this week and the hygienist was so nervous about making dinner for 6 it was hard not to say anything, let alone not laugh.

I love having a large family, but I love having a clean house too. I am wondering if the two are incompatible? Especially with a sick mom and children doing most of the work at this time.

I am much better than I was. My dh lived by himself when we got married. I had two children. So he went from himself to a family of 4. When we moved stuff he took down my Christmas tree. It was the last week in February. We had boxes for aisles for months. At least I knew how to cook. He gained weight our first year.

So I am working on decluttering and cleaning. I have seen Don Asslett’s videos, Flylady’s email list, read the Speed Cleaning book and the messies manual. I keep seeing improvement but I have definitely not arrived. Maybe one day.

Gift of a Clean House

My children have asked again what I want for Christmas. I have the same answer for Mother’s day and my birthday and Christmas. The house all cleaned and no children fighting. They usually laugh. I do know one day it will happen. But I think the house will be clean, but also too quiet. There won’t be as many dishes or laundry because there won’t be as many home. The floor won’t have to be swept several times a day because there won;t be as many small or big feet running on it. So I’ll still work on getting my house cleaner but I will remember why it’s so hard to keep up.

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Life on A Roller Coaster


Do you ever feel like your life is on a roller coaster? I know I do, with all the ups and downs that come with life I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I have children coming and going. Adult children  and my mother dropping in unexpectedly. Doctor appointments, shopping and unexpected ER visits.   And while I can’t control them, I can plan my life in a way that minimizes the impact of the downs, enjoys the ups more, and still keep life mostly in control.


I can make sure there is margin my life instead of scheduling everything back to back with no time to spare. I can make sure I build in a little extra time so that when someone stops by I have time to visit. I can manage my home so that I’m not embarrassed when they do too.

Jumping Through Hoops

I have a tenancy to hurry through my days. I love to check off my to do boxes. I multi task to get more done. And I have a lot of trouble being still. Even though I was on bed rest for the last 2 weeks. I tend to fidget a lot, okay, constantly. And I make great plans for everything I can do when I am up on my feet.  Then I frequently overdo it and end up back in bed.

I’m rarely still. I’ve read dozens of books, watched tv, listened to podcasts, made many lists, and organized as many drawers as I could get someone to bring me.  Some of these at the same time.

Slowing Down

So, I’ve made it a purpose to slow down the roller coaster of life and enjoy each day. To learn from the downs, celebrate the ups and savor the moment. To make time to live in the moment.

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