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Get Ready for Back to School

Back to School Routines

Its hard to believe that it’s almost time for my children to go back to school. We only have 2 in school at home now. They are in grades 7th and 9th. So while they can do most of their own back to school routines, I need to set them up.

So now is the time to be set up back to school routines. There are many little details we can do to make it easier on both ourselves and our children. Routines for breakfast and getting out the door in the morning. Routines for after school, homework and where to put everything. And a new routine for mom too.


Whether you make them breakfast or they get it themselves you need a breakfast routine. I do a mixture of both. I have a list of what they can eat and make for themselves. I made bags of frozen smoothie packs. There is a variety of cereal. I try to make ahead waffles that they can pull from the freezer and eat. I make a bowl of eggs with hash browns and sausage or ham mixed together to make breakfast burritos. I also make little bags of oatmeal packets for them to eat. Some days I do make breakfast of eggs and toast or pancakes.

Getting Out the Door

Our hardest back to school routine is getting out the door. This year the children have to walk to school so we will have a couple of practice days and time them. We will get up and run through their routines so they have them down pat. The biggest part of getting out the door in the morning actually happens the night before.

Evening Routine

This is a game changer. Having a good night time routine makes your morning go smoothly. The days I am to busy or if we’re gone the night before our mornings can be chaos.

This is our evening routine. After supper and cleaning up we start on our evening routine.  We look at our calendar for the next day and make sure we have everything needed in backpacks for kiddos or me my purse or in the car. I do this to after repeatedly forgetting things. We lay out clothing for the next day and have showers. Everything I can possibly do the night before I try and get done. It makes mornings run much smoother. Only then we can watch a movie or veg out until bedtime.

Afternoon Routine

We have always had our children do their homework as soon as they get home from school. Now I know many people do this differently. We tell them many times, different families, different standards. They get a snack, hopefully, healthy like fruit or veggies and dip. But there are a few days I will make treats. They’ll have hot cookies the first day from school. But that’s not an everyday snack. I am retraining myself to eat healthy and training my children that the best snacks are fruits and veggies. So I try and keep a couple kinds of fruit in the house, usually what’s on sale. I keep veggies cut up in the fridge and peanut butter or ranch for dipping. There are also smoothie packs to make a quick drink if they have to be somewhere else.

What routines do you set up for school?

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