Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Home Tour

Here is a small part of my Christmas home tour. Here is our tree. I have been teasing the kids and telling them it’s Italian because it leans. It is definitely time for a new tree but that’s in the budget for next year. I only paid $5 for it at a yard sale at least 6 years ago soI’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. I like all the metallics and whites on the tree. Lots of gold and ribbons. The children each have a small tree in their rooms that they can decorate how they want. My daughter found emoji poop lights on the girl’s tree. I made the ruffled tree skirt. I am saving putting gifts under it until after a party Saturday.

You walk under the garland in when you walk into the living room. I would love just peace in the home so peace on earth is a huge dream. I have 2 small wreaths on the double doors that lead to my son’s room.

This is in our entryway. I love the grinch printable and the stockings.

I have our nativity scene on the shelf above our television. The pot with poinsettia was a cookie jar that says believe but I broke the lid. Now it holds the flowers. I love the sparkly canvas.

My little village scene is on this shelf. Reminding us it’s the most wonderful time of the year.


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