Date Night for Less

Date Night For Less

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day when couples are out on dates, spending extravagant amounts of money. All to show how much they love one another. I hope this isn’t true for you. Not that you’re not going out, no, but that you have to spend huge amounts of money just to show your love. I also hope you’re going out on dates a lot more than once a year. My husband and I try to go out every week but it usually happens about 3 times a month instead.  And we don’t have a lot of money to spend. Let me tell you some of the things we’ve done throughout the years to have date night for less.


Date night at home

When our children were little we put them to bed early and either cooked a special dinner or brought something home and ate dinner after they were in bed.  A few times as my children were older, they made dinner for us and served us. We even gave them a tip.

Picnic type date night

We have taken our own drinks and picked up subs and went and sat at the lake many times and talked. We’ve also gone to the park, sometimes just to sit and walk around. But there were several times they had entertainment. Which leads to the next date…

Community Events Date

Look in your paper or sign up for an email from your town. There is a list of events around town. Now some of them have a cost but there are also many that are free. We have a music at least once a week. There are free museum times, our library has free passes. In the summer both movies and concerts in the park.

Reduced Price Dates

I love using We get to try new restaurants and only pay about half the price. I also have apps for restaurants and sign up for coupons. We have used Groupon  for restaurants and activities to try.

So what things do you do to save money on date night? Do you date regularly?


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