Easy Entryway Makeover- Using Removable Wallpaper

Removable Wallpaper

I love, love, love my removable wallpaper in my easy entryway makeover. It adds color and punch and is easy, shall I go on and on? I found 2 rolls of it half price at Target. I had been looking at removable wallpaper before but shied away from the price. It is worth every penny! There are so many cool patterns you can get and many many colors. It’s not quite as easy to put up as regular wallpaper but close. You can pull it off to reposition it if you need to. I did. And then when you want to change it or it pulls right off.

Renter Friendly

As a renter, I am always looking for ways to personalize our apartment without having to make big changes before we would have to move out. This does the trick. There are many places to get this now. Target, some Walmarts, and my favorite is  Chasing Paper.  They have the most beautiful and the best variety I have seen. So many different colors, flowers and stripes and plaids and more, oh, my.

Entryway Makeover

So to do this small project only took me half a day. A few hours for the wallpaper, and yes I know they normally go the other way but I wanted height. Then to add a small gallery wall. I went with mostly black and white with a small pop if yellow in the baby feet picture. I couldn’t resist. Who doesn’t love babies? And it was calling to me…bring me home…bring me home…  I focused on the theme of love and home and everything that I want people to feel as soon as they walk in.  We have a bench for seating and putting on shoes with baskets and drawers underneath for all the mittens and hats and scarfs you need this time of year. All in all, I love my entryway makeover and am so glad I did it.

Do you have a makeover you’d love to try removable wallpaper in? Let me know where.


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