Entryway Closet Makeover

This entryway closet makeover was needed for a long time. But now it’s pretty and functional.  We can’t add to much because we live in a rental apartment but this works well.


I added baskets on the shelves for storage. Two hold all the tools we need around the house.  The black bag that has all my organizing things in it I use to keep thing neat and easy to use. I love all the pockets. I even have an empty basket that I’m sure to fill up later. Probably stuff for the pool this summer. And an organizer box with different hangers for pictures, etc.   On the top shelf is a basket that has fishing equipment in it. Yes, it’s necessary. At least right now the worm farm isn’t in it. We live on a pond that is near a river and fishing several times a week is an for my son. There’s also a tackle box up there. Another one holds fasteners-tape, glues, staple gun and staples.

Entryway Closet Makeover- Baskets


A pink ribbon through the shelf makes it pretty.  It makes me smile too. As does the black and white wrapping paper I taped there for some pizzazz. And the cute little chalkboard labels.


We have a shoe rack that we keep all the shoes in. We have a no shoe rule for in the house. This helps with tracking in so much dirt through the house but doesn’t seem to help with the leaves.

Just In Case

When I was doing the entryway closet makeover I wanted an area for emergencies-just in case. We live in an all electric apartment so I wanted to have heat and water in case we lost electricity. We just put a rack on the wall in the closet. I bought it for another area and it didn’t work so I have been looking for place to put it.  The tops shelf has lights. Flashlights and candles in case the electricity goes out. The next shelf has bottled water.  These we use and replace them. We also have a small heater that fits on the tops of a LP tank in there for emergencies.  We also have a Coleman camping stove in there. The tanks are on our back patio. The heater and camping stove will go to the garage when winter is over to make room for summer things. We also have gallons of water in there for washing.

Entryway Closet Makeover Finishing Touches

We have a bench in our entryway that we keep all hats, gloves, scarves in but I’ll show that later. I’m still working on that project.

I have only wooden hangers  in here as winter coats tend to be heavy. But I did take them all down so you can see the cute wrapping paper. I love using wrapping paper in closets as there is a lot of selections and it’s easy to put up and down.

I’m really pleased with the entryway closet makeover.  I love opening it and seeing everything organized and pretty.


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