less-stuffYou can hear a lot of talk about minimalism. Not keeping things unless they “spark joy”. I love the idea much better than my family but we are working on it more and more. We have taken several loads to Goodwill, or given to other family members.  It’s easier to clean and have people drop in and not be embarrassed.

A Stuffed Closet

Recently, I went through my daughter room with them.  It took aallllll day long. Really. We worked 3 hours on the closet alone.  But I listened more this time. Not only did we get rid of the clothes that didn’t fit but also the ones they didn’t love. You know, the ones you buy because they would look so cute on. Or it fits really well but it’s the wrong shade of blue. The ones that get pushed to the back of the closet or more likely, the floor. So I listened. I told them if they did’t love it and it didn’t fit well, we would get rid of it. We filled 7 bags. And my children are not naked. They still have plenty of clothes to wear. We did an inventory to see what they needed for school and there are very few needs. Mostly, under garments. Definitely not socks, all the missing socks I thought the dyer ate were in their room, at least most of them.

Room by Room

So I am going through the rest of the house little by little. A couple months ago I gave my son 2 boxes of kitchen items that I culled in the kitchen. I haven’t missed any of them. I’ve gotten rid of books. I park my car in the garage. Whoo hoo! That’s a first. We had surprise house guests yesterday. They said they’d be there in about half an hour. We scurried and picked up and it was done. We didn’t need to hide things in the closet, no dishes in the oven. Please tell me some of you have done that. It was wonderful

Choosing What to Keep

There has been a few things I’ve regretted giving up but they have been far and few between. I have way more to go but I’m looking forward to reaping the benefits. I don’t recommend doing someone else’s things unless they are there to help go through it. Also an easier way is setting a certain number to have and letting them pick their favorites. It makes choices easier than picking what to get rid of.  Have you been giving up stuff or more peace in your home? Let me know how

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