I am in charge of my own perspective. Not letting my circumstances, my house, children, their actions or anything else take over in how I see and react to things.  When I come into the dining room and see the “tent” my children have created and the “store ” underneath with all the boxes, dishes and whatever else they found; I can think how creative they are and be thankful they have good imaginations or I can see a mess and tell them to quickly clean it up. I have been guilty of the later more than the former more often than I like to remember. It is very easy to see the mess that was just cleaned rather than the memories that were just created.

Setting the Tone

In the south their’s a saying” If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” And isn’t that the truth. We set the tone for our home. We are in charge of our attitudes and the atmosphere in our home. When we have a day when things don’t go quite right we can choose to keep our attitude right in the midst of it. You can put on a happy face, a little lipstick won’t hurt either. We are an example for our children in this. Do they see you rising above the circumstances of life or blaming them for all the things that aren’t quite right. Our children are watching more than listening. Do you set a happy tone?

It’s Your Decision

 When I go through our day I need to look at the things and see the blessings that are in my daily life. The many dishes in the kitchen are because we have food to eat . We sweep and vacuum the floor often because we have a lot of feet rushing through the house.  I can complain about laundry to fold or appreciate the many clean clothes we have.  I can complain about the duck poop in the back or enjoy nature that God created. Which side  will you look on?
By changing your own perspective, who knows how many others you will influence?

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Christina Renee

Hi, I'm Christina, a wife of 33 years, mom of 10 and grandmother of 3. I love to help other Moms with mothering, organizing their homes and routines. I've had a lot of struggles with illness having fibromyalgia and being an amputee. Talking to other moms with the challenges that bring and succeeding in spite of it.

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