Our Focus on Christmas

Our Focus on Christmas

Drive down the street you’ll see the lights. Walking to store there’s lights and all the presents waiting to be bought. You feel the pressure of one more gift to buy one more thing to bake or buy one more gift to wrap. But what is our focus on Christmas?

Not Perfect

This is the time to focus on Christ birth. all the other things are our superfluous. They’re all extra. Yes, they’re nice and yes I have to go to my children’s choir and Orchestra performances. But, they’re not the main event. The main event is Jesus. Don’t let everything else overshadow that. I can’t let myself overshadow that and it’s so easy to do. This is the first year I have had energy in years. And I want everything to be perfect. But it’s not because I’m not. And it’s much better to do less and have a kind pleasant mom to be around then for everything to be perfect and for me to be yelling. It’s better to have fewer presents and they have money for everything else that we need. It’s even better to have lots of fruits and vegetables and healthy foods have Christmas cookies and candy. Even though they taste so good. But the main focus needs to be Jesus. how do we make him the focus.?

Cut out the Excess

By cutting some of the things we think are so necessary. yes, we need to buy presents for our children but how many do they need? yes, we have concerts and orchestras. We have parties and things to do. But do they honor Christ?

My Favorites

I love all the extra things that come with Christmas. You can ask my children it’s my favorite time of the year. I love the decorations, I love buying and watching people open presents I specifically for them And I love baking and making cookies and making special food that we only have once a year. But I can get so wrapped up and doing all the extra things I forget the focus of Christmas is Christ. If I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I forget the people around me I am not honoring Christ. if I get cranky trying to get everything done I am not honoring  Jesus. If I am putting the things first, the decorating the presents, the activities my focus is wrong.

Focus on Jesus

So how do we keep our Focus this Christmas on Christ birth?  Measure your activities against the question Does this honor him?  Are my actions and attitudes Christ-like? Are we showing kindness? And are we showing love?


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