Pretty Paris Organized Bath under $50

I recently did a mini redo on our master bathroom and reorganized it. I found a Paris theme shower curtain and wanted to make it a feel similar to a hotel. Nice fluffy towels, yummy smelling candles, even Parisian music on Pandora.  So step into my organized master bathroom and enjoy.

Sink Area

Our bathroom has the sink area separate from the rest of the bath. When you walk into our room to the right is the bedroom area (which I am working on now) and straight ahead is the closet area and sinks. We have a double sink and we live in a rental so I can’t replace anything that’s not cosmetic.  Opposite the sink area are our 3 closets; his, hers and extra stuff. Under the left sink, I have tubs for allergies, first aid, cold and flu, sunny- which is sunscreen, bug spray- what you need for sunny days.  Also, I have a bag of elastic bandages, another tub of bandages from wound care and teeth supplies. Almost all of the containers are from the Dollar Tree or from other places in the house.  Under the right sink is toilet paper and a box of extra shampoos, conditioners, body wash, etc.  We buy it by the case so my stockpile of tp goes up and down.  We have our electric toothbrushes and water pic stays out on the counter and shelf. I don’t really like it but they need to be plugged in. I have very few things in the medicine cabinet since most things are stored in tubs. Extra razor heads, open toothpaste. I decanted the mouth wash in a pretty bottle, the same with q tips and cotton balls.  A little picture and a pretty hand towel complete this area in our organized master bathroom. I also put some pretty wrapping paper in the cabinets and medicine cabinet. I love to open closets and cabinets and see pretty paper looking back.

Main Bath Area

This area has the shower/bathtub and toilet area. We put a small rack in the toilet and I set it up like a hotel bath. Pretty stacked towels, candles, bath salts, and body brush for dry skin brushing. I found a few cute pictures on clearance, the 2 small ones I for 29 cents each!! I love his and her towels, along with the thick fluffy ones from Kohls. We did switch out the apartment shower head for this double shower head. We just saved it and will put it back on when we move. I also have a shower curtain hanger that holds shampoos, etc. And a hanger over the shower heads.  The mat I also got on clearance for under a dollar. I love all the sparkle and the muted colors. We have a small Paris them basket for dirty clothes that sits on the shower stool when it’s not needed. Which I hope is more and more.

I hope you enjoyed this tour and it gave you some ideas. Do you have an area hard to organize?

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