Every sitcom you’ve ever seen has a stereotype as brothers and sisters as rivals, to be made fun of, laughed at or a scapegoat. I say this is untrue. Your children can be each others best friends. That’s not to say that they’ll always like each other or never fight. But they’ll always have each others back and know they can count on each other.  There are things you as a mom can do to help encourage this.


Encourage Them to be Best Friends

You can encourage them to be closer. I tell my children they are the only ones who will know them their entire life and will be there for them. They are someone you can always call and they’ll be there for you. They back each other up. They’ll still tease one another, but no one else better. If there’s a crisis or a move, they’re there.  If one sibling says a mean thing to another, I make them say 3 nice things to them. When  they have a bad day, I ask the others to cheer them up.


Spend Time  Together

My older children stop by often, especially at mealtime. After they move out, they miss mom’s cooking.  But they also spend time with their siblings. Our oldest son has been rotating his Saturday’s spending one on one time. Some he has more in common with than others but, they still get time together.  The older girls often get together for lunch, sometimes I go too. They talk hours on the phone. We celebrate together. Last Saturday the other 6 sisters gave their very pregnant sister a baby shower. Last year it was the same thing for a different sister. We’ve mourned together. Funerals, sickness, house fires, miscarries,  and disappointments.  Knowing they have someone and call in times of trouble is huge.



Have Fun


Best Friends have fun together. Play games, karaoke, laugh, sing. I drove to Florida with our children and we sang most of the way. Ran at every rest stop and told stories. When we get together they often tell embarrassing  funny  stories about what they did as younger children. They remember. Make as many memories as possible. Time goes by so fast. Tell me how you encourage your children to be best friends.

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