Stop Comparing

It’s easy to compare yourself to other people and not to our own accomplishments. As moms we can be very bad at this. We compare our children to another person’s children. We compare our accomplishments to another mom’s not knowing what’s gone on before in her life. Measuring our success by what we do, what we have, how we act or how our children behave instead of who we are. We need to stop comparing ourselves.


There is the controversy of working mothers versus staying home mother’s versus work at home mothers and we could go on and on. All mothers are different. We all parent differently, and different things are important to each one of us. To some moms sports are extremely important in school. To others music are more important. Some moms don’t want any extracurricular activities and some mom schedule them every night. Then there is the controversy of public schools vs. private schools versus homeschooling. There are all kinds of moms and we all want the best for our children.

Children’s Behavior

We can choose what is important to us without thinking that something else is wrong. We compare ourselves to our friends and other moms that we see out and about and think well I’m doing this, this is better.  Or we look at the other  woman and think that she has it all together and why am I messing up so bad. We go to the McDonald’s and sit in the play place watching her children play on the slides and smile because our children of minding right then. It is a mistake  to think that our children’s behavior are an extension of ourselves. I know I’ve done it.  When my children have behaved well in public I give myself a pat on the back and when they have been horrid; I think it is because I have done something wrong.


There is a myriad of things that we could choose to be a priority for our lives. But we need to decide what is important to us for the priorities that we have chosen for our lives and for our children.  The choices we make show the priorities for our lives. It is easy to just go with the flow and what we see others doing but we need to make a conscious effort to choose what is important to us. I am trying to make health and fitness more of a priority in our family. So I am choosing to pre make snacks that are fruits and veggies, we are going to the park more often, and trying to get more exercise. All of these do take extra time but since this is important to me right now, I am willing to do this.

Stop comparing

Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, keeping your priorities in mind, keep track of your progress. Compare this month to last month on where you are with your priorities. Did you meet them? Did you succeed them? How do you struggle in comparing yourself?


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