I had great plans this summer. Print outs of summer Bingo, daily plans, foodie plans and fun field trips. We have done none of these. I first had a cast, that means no trips to the beach, or the pool. It’s non weight bearing so no walking trips.  I have a knee scooter which will not fit in my car and we borrowed a wheelchair which doesn’t roll on grass. That did leave library trips. Then I spent 3 days in the hospital for tests in June unexpectedly, which leaves me with 10 hugs a day minimum from my very now clingy daughter. I went to the doctor Wednesday to find out I was having surgery to amputate 2 toes that had been infected for more than 2 months. More time down. I had all these great plans to make up for the last few summers that I was also down. This is the 4th summer with major health problems that limited what I could do. And I was sure this year was different. I was sure after how terrible the last few summers were this would be the one where I could take my children to the beach, to the pool, on field trips and just plain have fun. God has other plans.

Great Plans

I have great plans for you, plans for hope and a future. While we might not know and understand the plans God has, He knows.  He sees the big picture while I can only see this is one more thing I have had to cancel. He sees our hurts and disappointments, He knows the whys we ask. I wish I did. We have still had fun. My older children have made it a point to take my younger children swimming. My children home have been so kind about pushing the wheel chair and bringing me things. They’ve been gracious about what I can’t do. There’s a lot they’ve learned that weren’t on any of the plans I’d made.  So we’re learning to follow plans unmade.

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Christina Renee

Hi, I'm Christina, a wife of 33 years, mom of 10 and grandmother of 3. I love to help other Moms with mothering, organizing their homes and routines. I've had a lot of struggles with illness having fibromyalgia and being an amputee. Talking to other moms with the challenges that bring and succeeding in spite of it.

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