thankfullnessOh, Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good.
Psalm 107:1


 I am thinking and planning to  celebrate Thanksgiving but do I remember it on other days? The Lord is so good to me all of my  days, not just on  Thanksgiving day. I know I have so many things to be thankful for; a wonderful husband and children, a warm house, wonderful food to look forward to eat , great medical care, friends and family.

Blessings disguised as work

But what about the things we take for granted, things that might look like work, of instance. All the dishes after the meal, I hear groans from children sometimes helping to clean up or asking to use paper plates instead of china. Folding clothes and putting them away; we can complain about it or  use the opportunity to both be thankful for clothes but also pray for whose ever clothes I’m folding.


Shouldn’t we be thankful for a day to celebrate and use the china, be thankful for dishes to wash. There had been plenty of food on the plates. Am I as thankful about folding clothes as I should be, after all they keep us warm and nicely (most of the time)  covered. We had a fancy dinner a couple weeks ago. My daughter planned it and it was amazing. But when we were all done, I asked if she wanted to do it weekly. She said no, it was to much work but monthly would be good. Celebrate life in little ways.

Ordinary  life

What about the ordinary things, a smile from a little one. Changing a diaper, wiping little faces, helping with homework, teenagers coming in to talk at many a late hour;  am I tired of repeating this activity over and over or am I thankful for the opportunity? I need to change my focus instead of it as another thing to do as an opportunity that God has given me to be thankful for. Lord, please help me to be thankful in all things.

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