The Blessings of Children

The Blessings of Children

New motherhood is exhilarating! And exhausting, humbling and you feel more love jump out of your chest than you ever thought possible.  I have been a mother for more than 33 years now. My daughter became one last week. It will give you some of the greatest highs and lows you will ever experience. Such are the blessings of children.

Motherhood can be so rewarding but there are days it feels like it is anything but important. Changing diapers, wiping noses, refereeing, these tasks can feels endless and definitely not  important. One time we had 5 children 6 and under and it felt like I did was change diapers, potty train and answer why. I just wanted to go to the bathroom by myself. We can be consumed by the work of motherhood or we can remember the blessings of children that they are and even more will be with love, care and training.


My daughter called a couple weeks ago and said she remembered by family photos we so hard growing up now. She was taking her one year old for pictures and just as they got there he threw up all over his pants and all over her. I couldn’t give you a number the times we would go to leave the house and a baby or toddler would wet or throw up just when we were ready to leave the house. It seemed like it would never end.


But things do change. The nighttime feeding lead to potty training and “terrible twos.” Then there are temper tantrums, whining and disrespect/selfishness of teens that needs to be worked on. All that need dealt with and worked on. It is hard to remember the loving newborn feelings we had in the midst of a temper tantrum. These are the times to remember to love and train our children.  It is hard to balance a teeter totter of both.  I see so many mothers today wanting to be friends with their children at the expense of training their children. There is a time for friendship, you need the basis of it when they’re are growing up but it will mostly be when they are adults. I am so thankful and blessed to have the friendship of my adult children.


Enjoy them. I see the other end of the scale where mothers do all they can to care for their children but they don’t really enjoy them. They never really receive all the blessings of children. Your children will not remember if everything is not perfect around your house but they will remember the memories you made.  Enjoy the pleasure of their company. Try and set up some one on one time. Make memories. We have movie and pizza night on Fridays, dinner time questions, games.  Cherish each day.



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