We have spent our summer living in an Rv. We are putting up a modular home and our lease was up so we bought a 32-foot camper and have been in it the last 2 1/2  months. I looked all over Pinterest before we started, or even bought the RV, I thought I was prepared. Maybe we wouldn’t even have to build. One of my daughters even suggested living in it full time and instead of a house payment putting the money into retirement. It sounded great. How hard could it be? Everywhere you look you hear about tiny homes. There is even a series on tiny living. And don’t even ask about Youtube. I won’t say every single one talks about how great it is. (Although most of them did.) But you do have to look pretty hard. 

So here is my list of the pros and cons of living in an RV.


Low Cost

This is what I see over and over as one of the main reasons for living in an RV. It cost way less than a house payment.  But there are still costs. If you live in a campground you have the nightly or monthly fees. You also have to fill the LP tanks. And you still have insurance and gas when you travel. So while it is low cost it still costs more than you think.

More Exercise

 You might become a little more fit living in an RV. Walks give your alone time. You have a very small space inside so you don’t want to stay inside all the time. And if you stay at a campground or travel there are things to do.

Family Bonding

We used to go camping a lot when my children were little. It was the only vacation we could afford. My favorite part of camping is the bonfires. Not because of the s’mores or any other food but because that was the time we all got together and just talked. Sometimes we sang songs or told stories but mostly we just talked. They loved to reminisce about when they were younger. The stories about them. We have stories that came about because of these camping trips too. One camping trip they gave everyone had Indian names. Running Baft, Step in Barf; you get the picture. At the time this was not a very fun camping trip but they love the memories. Also, never use shampoo if you run out of dish soap. It results in vomiting or diarrhea.

Not as Much Stuff

If you ever wanted to try minimalism, this would be the time. We really packed up everything that wasn’t essential. I have a 6-inch closet. The kids each have 2 shelves. This also makes it easy to clean. I love having clean up only take 10 minutes. I do know I’m going to have less stuff in a home when we move in.


Hidden Costs

While I spoke of the low cost above, there are still hidden costs you don’t think of. Everything is specially made-read high cost. Anything specially made costs more. Hoses, filters and all the little things can add up. Insurance is very high for an Rv. And you can find all sorts of articles on the top 10 things you need to live full time in an RV.


THERE IS NO PRIVACY IN AN RV. NONE! I watched many YouTube vlogs on how parents got alone time. By the way, the sound machine only makes it so you can’t hear your children, not that they can’t hear you.  You can plan around it but it’s hard. And can take a toll on your relationship. 
There is also no privacy for your children. Very little alone time. We have set up a small tent for them to have a little time by themselves. They also take long walks alone.

Lack of Amenities

I have a daughter who loves baths. I mean really loves them. When she gets out she looks like a prune. Besides the privacy, that is the one thing she misses the most. We do not have the internet now. When we first moved we thought we could get it but need to wait now for our house to be put up. My children had culture shock without it. The librarians know my son by name as he spends so much time there. Fortunately, he stays on his best behavior. I’m sure for different people there will be different things you miss.


While per square foot an RV has great storage, in its everyday life I am always missing something. I can’t craft or sew. All that is packed up. I don’t have a great choice in wardrobe and neither do the kids. I can’t stock up on a great deal because I have no room. I have a very tiny refrigerator so I have to shop more often. 

So have you ever thought of living in an RV? Do you have any tips for RV living?

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