It can be so easy to call to our children to tell them to do this or that. To have them change what they are doing or not by directing them by command or statement. But with most excellent parents I know, I don’t hear these from them. It is almost imperceptible how they are directing their children. A look, a nod in one direction and the child goes off and does what is needed.
Did you know the best horse trainers you can almost never see them directing their horse. A nudge with a knee, a slight pull on the reigns and this animal knows where it is supposed to go. Now I am not saying our children should be trained like animals, far from it. But it this behavior can be trained in horses, than how much better our children can be in this area.

Sit Training

Now, the parents I spoke of did not get this way overnight. It took training when they were young and at home. I know other mothers who don’t think children can sit in church. But I know it can be done. We have done it.  However, we don’t practice at church, we practice first at home. I remember many times either my husband and I watching our younger children that we put in a row on the couch with a talking tape on and they practiced siting, and not squirming. But they were quite able to manage it. Even at a young age. We have also practiced blanket time and quiet time. We start with practicing 15 minutes a day and work our way up to more than an hour.

Quiet Time

Right now we (or at least I) have a lot of quiet time in our home. Because I again have laryngitis. So I am practicing directing my children quietly. With most of them it is working well. We still have holdout but mama is more stubborn than he is so we will continue working at it. This is not just for my benefit, or the benefit of having a quieter home. Although with 10 people living here it is seldom quiet. Even soft voices multiplies by 10 is still noisy. This is for their benefit. Because if they can’t hear mom’s quiet voice, how will they hear God’s. And this is the voice I want them to ultimately listen for and to hear.

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