4 Ways to Make Busy Weeknights Easier

We all have busy weeknights. Work, school, activities, appointments, etc. There are ways to make busy weeknights easier, yo make it go smoother and with less stress. Here are some of those ways.


When my children get home from school they know a snack and then homework come first. Then they get to play, have dinner and after dinner chores. We have a routine. They know what comes next so they’re not always asking. You know what comes next so you don’t need to think about it. Plan once and follow through makes evening easier. It becomes a habit and builds good habits in your children too.



Always know what you’re having dinner by breakfast time at the latest. This is one of the biggest ways to make busy weeknights easier. I really try to menu plan and pull it out the night before. I start everything I can by breakfast that morning. Put supper in the crockpot and when your husband or children get home the house smells wonderful. If it’s a quick meal put it all together in the fridge so you don’t spend time looking for ingredients. I loved this Youtube video from At Home with Nikki where she shared her fridge tour and had a container in her fridge she prepped each night for the next night.  If you do forget keep list of very quick meals you can make in a hurry. Our standby is a breakfast meal with eggs and potatoes. I keep a short list on the inside of my cupboard.

Activities, Appointments, Etc

With children in school, most of us have days of running. Sports, after-school clubs or just dr. appointments, there seems like too many days in the car and instead of at home.  You can still plan ahead. Most of these are recurring so you know these need to be crockpot or sandwich night. I always have a book with me. If I have to wait and it’s near any errands I need for the week, I do it then. I’ve also listened to reading or helped with homework in the car. Make your time do double duty when it can.

Prep Ahead for the Next Day

After dinner and chores, we get ready for the next day. Check all backpacks. Look at eh calender for the next day including what is happening at school. Lay out clothes, anything that needs to be brought gets set out. I put anything I have to bring in my purse so I don’t forget it, if it’s big it goes in the car early.  The children put theirs in their backpacks. Go through showers, if we tried to get ours all at once someone would have cold water. Then we finally get time to relax.

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