Wrapping Station

Wrapping Station

Getting ready for the holidays includes a wrapping station. While I am envious of this wrapping station, I don’t have the room for that.  I have an under the bed box that I keep ready to wrap every gift.

Wrap Early and Often

Since it’s close and easy to get to I can wrap as I buy gifts. I try to wrap them the same day but at least within the week. With everything in one place and easy to get to I don’t have to procrastinate as it’s not a big deal to just get it done. I wrap, write it down and put it up. I do add the bows later if I have to stack it in the closet. No wrapping on Christmas Eve.

Makin’ a List

While you’re wrapping don’t forget to make your list. Put a label or tag on your gift, or just write it on there. In my list, I write down who it’s for, what I got them and where it’s located. I don’t know how many times I found a gift late because I forgot it, or who it was for because I was sure I would remember. LOL, Then I would have to peek in the corner of the gift to remember who it was for. So write it down.

My Wrapping Station

While this is pretty simple, it works for me. I have all the rolls of wrapping paper to one side.  Rolls of ribbon and baskets of bows and ribbon. A stack of tissue paper with gift bags and gift boxes on top. They help keep the paper flat. And a small box with tape and scissors.  While I love to look at the beautifully wrapped gifts on Pinterest and Youtube, that’s just not my life. I had to come to the conclusion that it’s okay. Maybe later in life.

So what’s your wrapping style? Do you have any great tips for wrapping gifts?

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