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Fear, Racism and Acceptance

We are in the midst of Covid-19. We are masked,  quarantined, and distanced.  Living in fear of disease, protests, and riots. There have been gunshots, rubber bullets, tear gas, and pain.  Not just physical pain but the pain of double standards. The pain of guilty...

Amputation, 4 Moves, and Life Update

t's It's been a long time since I have written. I'm very sorry. Life got so busy and in the way and I just lived it. We lived in an RV for the summer and were not able to build the house we had planned. It was a huge challenge to living in a small space. We learned we...

How I Know God is Real

How I Know God is Real

I have been through a lot in my life. Marriage, divorce, marriage. Children, miscarriages, children. Loss of a grandchild. Numerous hospital stays, numerous car accidents. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, surgery after surgery. More than 30. Sepsis-twice, house...

Showing Love on a Budget

Showing Love on a Budget

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and this year money is tight. When special occasions come and your budget is in short supply, sometimes you feel like it's hard to celebrate the day without having a lot of money. You don't know if showing love on a budget is...

New Resouce Library

Today is a really short post. I am so pleased to be able to offer you access to my free library for subscribers. Just add your email to the pop up to get your free access to this library. There are motivational quotes and checklists and free printables. Please let me...

Children and Electronics

The Trouble with Children and Electronics Do you ever have trouble with your children and their electronics? Does it seem like headphones grow out of their ears? Do they listen more to the electronic voices than the people around them? You're not alone. I think most...

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Hi, I'm Christina, a wife of 33 years, mom of 10 and grandmother of 3. I love to help other Moms with mothering, organizing their homes and routines. I've had a lot of struggles with illness having fibromyalgia and being an amputee. Talking to other moms with the challenges that bring and succeeding in spite of it.

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