Do you ever feel you're not ure where God is in the midst of the your life?

How I Know God is Real

I have been through a lot in my life. Marriage, divorce, marriage. Children, miscarriages, children. Loss of a grandchild. Numerous hospital stays, numerous car accidents. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, surgery after surgery. More than 30. Sepsis-twice, house fire-twice.The ER doctor telling me to call in my family. My doctor telling me to get affairs in order. That she’s never had a patient live even 5 years. But, I know God is real. Because He has met me in each of these places. He has carried me through. I have seen Him. I have felt Him work in my life. I have felt Him carry me. And I know God is real. By the way, it’s been more than 5 years. I’ve had 3 instances where I shouldn’t have made it. But God is the one who has numbered my days, not doctors. And I still have more to do for Him.

Why Not Me?

I have had family members ask ” Why would God put you through all this? You follow Him and He does this?” My answer is “why not?” Why do we think believers are supposed to be immune to suffering? Matthew 5:45b says –For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.


Blessings from Raindrops

So if I am blessed with the sun, aren’t I also blessed with the rain? Even though I do believe this, I don’t always like it. But, He has been there every step of the way. God has been my comfort and my refuge. He is the One I turn to not only in times of trouble but daily and some days hourly. Somedays I call upon him to help through surgery but more often it’s “Help me reach this child. Give me the energy to deal with this situation. God, what shall I make for dinner? Who do you want me to talk to? What shall I say?”. God is there to help me in all situations.

Mountain Top Experience or Valley Growth

I once heard a speaker at a women’s conference talking about a mountain top experience. “Everyone wants a mountaintop experience but no one wants to be in the valley. But nothing grows in the mountaintop. All the growth is in the valley.” And I want growth. I want to know more. I want to be closer to God. But growth isn’t easy. It makes you question what you think you know. Do I really want to know all of Jesus? Do I want to share in His sufferings? My first thought is NO. But I do want to be closer to Him. What it takes is going through it. It makes you lean into the Son. And that makes it all worth it.

Knowing God is There

Isaiah 43:2 says: When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. Notice it doesn’t say if you go through these things, it says when. Everyone goes through something. You might as well plan for it. It will happen. Now, a better thing to plan for is what you will do then. God will be there for you to turn to. But will you? Or will you rail at Him for sending these things? Will you make Him your refuge? Or will Netflix, hobbies, anger or despair be your constant companion? God is the One who will be with you, if you only turn to Him.

Life is Hard

Surgery is hard. Miscarriage is hard. Marriage is hard. Children are hard. Fires are hard, Life is hard. And that’s why we need God. I need God to go through the hard. Because we will go through the hard things in life. Whether it’s just the day to day grind of parenting or house fires, sepsis, and surgeries. God is there to help you with the hard things. He is there to carry you, to bear your pain, to comfort you. I know God is real.

My Help Comes From You Lord

A friend called this the Mommy song. Because as mommys we call on Him many, times a day. Psalms 121.1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains, from whence cometh my help.” I actually found it and have it below. But there have been so many many times. I’ve sung this and called out to God. He is only waiting on you to call upon Him too. And I know God is Real. He is here, waiting…

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Making One on One Time with Your Children

One on One Time with Your Children

As a mom of many children, it can be hard to get one on one time with your children. I have found you have to make time for it as it doesn’t appear, you have to make the effort.

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Look for Little Minutes

As nice as it would be to get large chunks that’s not always realistic. So I try and also use the little blocks of time. A few minutes here and there is not ideal but sometimes there are seasons when it’s hard to find one on one time. Right after I had surgery, one of the kids usually brought me my meal. I asked them to sit a few minutes and talk. Sometimes they would bring their meal and eat with me. When checking rooms I’ll stop and ask a few questions about what’s going on for them. When they ask question, ask them back. Show you’re interested. It’s easy to get busy and not think about it.

Doing Errands

I make it a point to take one child with me for errands. We spend time and talk in the car. Sometimes, we’ll stop for a bite or a drink. As nice as it is to get time alone, I need to remember the time I have with them is fleeting. I only have 2 school age children now. My time remaining with them is short. I remember when I had lots of little ones and it felt like it would never end. It does. So quickly and them you are left with memories and not regrets.

Weekly Books

I have a book I’m going through Girl Talk with my daughter and my husband is going through Created for Work with my son. We go through a short chapter a couple times a week and talk about the chapter and whatever else comes up. We also have a question book we pass back and forth. She writes in it and then I do. Sometimes words are hard and writing is easier.

Special Times

Don’t forget to set up special occasion times. Birthdays, young ladies teas, special meals or just because you know they need it. With one daughter, we went on walks. That’s when she loved to talk. With another it was baking. You need to find what makes them tick. They need to be relaxed to open up.

What’s your favorite way to make one on one time with your children?

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New Resouce Library

Today is a really short post. I am so pleased to be able to offer you access to my free library for subscribers. Just add your email to the pop up to get your free access to this library. There are motivational quotes and checklists and free printables. Please let me know what else you would like.

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Children and Electronics

The Trouble with Children and Electronics

Do you ever have trouble with your children and their electronics? Does it seem like headphones grow out of their ears? Do they listen more to the electronic voices than the people around them? You’re not alone. I think most parents have a love/hate relationship with electronics and their children. It is a way of communication when you’re apart, but it can also pull you apart. They have all these voices in their ears pulling them away from you. Voices that are sometimes more important than yours.

No Electronics at Meals

We now have in place a set of rules for electronics. I did not put meals on there because we already have a rule for no electronics at the table. There are very few exceptions. We even tell guests about our no electronic rules for meals. They have all been very gracious about it.

Electronics Can Be Used When

This puts the usage of their electronics directly back on them. All I have to do is ask them “Is your checklist done?” Jordan Page on Fun Cheap or Free asks her kids “Have you done your squares yet?” This puts the responsibility directly back on them. If they want to use electronics, they know what needs done first.

What’s Important

There are many things more important than checking up on social media. Children and even some adults need to learn to do the necessary things first in order to do the important things done for life. For children, it is chores, homework, as adults, we still have chores and work. I want them to develop habits of reading their Bible, prayer, exercise, reading and being helpful to others. Learning to prioritize is a lifelong skill that every person needs to know.

Enforcing Electronic Rules

Now that we have our checklist, we have to enforce it. Unless you have little robot children, they’ll try and push the rules. Children almost always push the rules. Have a plan in place so you know what you’ll do when you see them with their phones. We have an electronics home for them to stay in during off times. And the electronics may get taken away and left there for a day for the first offense and multiplied after that.

So what tips do you have for children and electronics? Do you have rules?

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What You Can Do To Make Recovery Easier

Recovery isn't easy. Here are some ways to make it easier for you and your family.

Ways to Make Recovery Easier

I know that there are times in life that you are not able to as active asyou would like whether due to sickness, pregnancy bed rest, chronic illness, surgery or accidents. There still are things that you can do to make the most of this time.

I had surgery a month ago and am still non-weight bearing. This eliminates a lot of things that I can do, but not all. Fortunately, there are now knee scooters that work better than crutches. B


First, if you can plan for this, such as surgery, pregnancy or any illness that you know you’ll have bad days. Plan as much as you can in advance.

Make Meals Ahead

I always try to have freezer meals made ahead. But, when I know I have surgery coming up or for pregnancy I stock up. I make as many freezer meals as I have room to store. If you don’t like to cook, you can pick them up in the store. Now you can even get your groceries delivered. Also, kids can cook. Have a list of easy recipes that they can make. They feel capable and love that they can help.

Kid Boxes

I like to keep some things that they’ve never seen to keep them occupied. Even dollar store play doh or new coloring books can keep them busy. Keep a new book you can read to them while you are lying down. Spend time with them. Kids value times one on one more than anything else. Talk to them, listen, play a game, just be with them.

Minimum Maintenence

You won’t get everything done. You’ll have to learn to be tolerant of that but things still need done. The main things are dishes and laundry. Everyone has to wear clothes and eat. But, you can make it easier. Use paper plates. Or eat finger food that you can use a napkin. Have a load of laundry done and have it brought to you to fold. Another child can sweep. It is amazing how much children can do to help but don’t hold them to your standards. Make them feel appreciated.


It’s very common for anyone to become depressed after enforced bed rest, injury, surgery, chronic illness or any time you are laid up for a while no matter the reason. It is easy to have a poor me attitude. No ones likes being laid up and a lot of time you’re in pain. I allow myself 5 minutes. to feel sorry for myself. Then I pick myself up, put on a smile and try and be optimistic. Read uplifting books, pray and talk to others. Lean on God. Don’t isolate yourself, that makes it worse. You have more to give than you think you do.

What tips do you have for down times?

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