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Welcome, I love meeting new friends. I’m Christina Renee, wife of 31 years to James. Mom of 10 children ages 35-12;  8 are adults and 7 are also girls. We have 2 children at home yet, a high schooler and a middle schooler.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for the last 24 years, before that I worked as a manager for a fast food restaurant. I think that was practice for all the teens we have running in and out our home.

I  frequently have other moms ask for advice on parenting and saving money. They have commented about me starting a blog so I finally listened. I love being able to help share the experiences that I’ve had mothering many children. I have teased my older children that they were “practice” and now I finally know what I’m doing.  Of course, then another child has differences and I’m right back at square one. I think my youngest daughter will require all I learned with her 6 older sisters and more. I have talked about life lessons, toddlers, and uniqueness in your child,

Saving money is a passion I developed when I came home and we became a one income family. I have had to learn to squeeze a penny until it squeaks.  I use coupons, a price book, stockpiling. I save big at the grocery store and have become very creative in making our income stretch.   I‘ve learned how to do laundry the most affordable way. 

It’s actually fun to see how much I can save.  I have become more creative in my home management. Looking to save money and still create a beautiful, welcoming home with little money is a challenge I love. Showing hospitality while being a gracious hostess has stretched my creativity.

I’ve had a lot of health scares in the last few years that has made life a little more challenging.  We had our 2nd house fire in March 2005 and I was inside and had lung damage and have battled with asthma ever since. We also found out in 2014 that we had mold in the walls that hadn’t been properly treated when redoing the house that caused many other problems. I’ve had many hospital stays, surgeries, sepsis twice and a host of other problems that make me physically inactive. So this is a great way of reaching out when I can’t leave my home.

We now live in an apartment and I really love it. I especially love the fact we don’t have to shovel snow or mow.  I’ve been learning that how to decorate and organize and an apartment is a  little different than a house.  Can’t wait to share with you!

Thanks for visiting. I’d love to hear from you…

Christina Renee


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