My daughter had Covid and not one other person in our household got Covid. When we went in for testing, we were told to expect 50-75% of our household to get sick also. When the health department called to talk to her about tracking Covid, they were astonished that not one other person in our house was sick. 

No One Did,

It was difficult, but here’s what we did.


 We isolated our daughter from everyone else. My other daughter slept in the living room. No one else was allowed to talk to her except on the phone. Daughter 1 kept opening the door and sticking her head out because she was lonely or bored. 


 We set a tray with her food outside her door and knocked. Kinda like when you knocked and ran outside someone’s house. She could text for drinks or snacks between times.  Although she wasn’t that hungry. When she was done, she put her tray right outside the door. Hmmm, kinda like room service.


We sanitized the entire house after she had a positive test for Covid.  We opened up windows and ran a diffuser with lemon oil.  Then we deep cleaned the house. We also went through wipe sanitized the doorknobs, light switches, and remotes every day. We found a sanitizer that works for both phones and remotes that uses essential oils. I’m not sure how much it helps but my phone smells good. One good thing,  I guess my spring cleaning is mostly done. 


The only time our daughter came out was to use the bathroom. She came out with her container of sanitizer wipes and when she was done using the bathroom she wiped down everything she touched with the sanitizing wipes.


 I fed our daughter chicken soup, lots and lots of liquids. Ginger ale, tea, small amounts of coffee, lots of water,  Make sure the food is soft and non-dairy to limit mucus and congestion. Chicken and beef broth are great choices, juices- not so much. They are too full of sugar and sugar depresses your immune system. Sugar-free popsicles are great, we buy the fruit ones. 


 Every time I did have to come face to face with my daughter, we both wore face masks. She wore a face mask to the bathroom too. When I or someone else took her tray from the door, we used glaves. We were extremely careful not to touch anything with our bare hands that she had touched. That also includes her laundry. We used gloves and washed her clothes in the sanitizer setting. 

Give Them Things to Do

Our daughter got bored easily. And she’s an adult! When they feel ok, if they do, hopefully, they will want something to do. Coloring books, child or adult with markers or crayons are good. Look for books to interest, and of course; electronics. I usually kept a box of quiet things to do when my children were little for when they were sick. 


 I know even though we were only a door apart, my daughter felt really alone. We had some long phone conversations, as did friends and other relatives.  And you still might have to use boundaries. Also, listen to how they talk. Are they raspy? How much do they cough? Is it increasing? Are they trying to catch their breath? 

Take Request

Within reason. If it’s easy to get and could keep them busy, then it’s probably a good idea. Now, this does not apply to little children. You know the maturity level of your child. The same with over the counter medicines. 

I certainly hope none of you have to experience Covid to yourself or your family. But if you do, I hope these tips help.

What tips do you have that’s worked for you and your family?


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