Saving Money with Acorn

Saving Money with Acorn

Saving Money with Acorn

We have a lot of trees in the apartment complex we live in. We also have a lot of ducks geese and squirrels. I like to watch them especially the ducks with ducklings in the spring But it’s in the fall the squirrels are industrious gathering and saving acorns for winter. They save to get what they want. With Acorn, now saving for what you want is more effortless than the squirrels gathering nuts.

Make Saving Effortless

Acorn is like an effortless savings account that makes saving money easy. It rounds up your purchase to the next dollar amount. Say your purchase at the store was $4.62, it rounds up to $5 and sends the $.38 cents to your account. It does this with each purchase and your savings add up. I don’t miss the small pennies and I know I’m working on reaching my goal. I’ve just started using the app and I love it!!! The best part is when you sign up you get $5 and I do too when you use my link.  Get The Acorn App to start saving now

There is a small cost of $1 a month that’s taken from your account. But I think the app more than pays for itself.  I said it’s like a savings account but it actually invests your money for you. You can choose how aggressive or conservative you want to be depending on the questionnaire they ask you. You can start this with as little as $5. Now, where else can you invest money for $5?

Pick your Own Goals

I plan on using it to pay for all my Christmas shopping this year. But you can use it for anything on your wishlist. Or you can let it grow and build your portfolio. Also,  you can take your money out whenever you want.  Maybe travel would be nice…

What are you saving for?

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