Essential Oil Storage

Here is the cabinet I use for essential oil storage. I was able to find it at a garage sale for $10! I used to use it in my old kitchen for tea storage but now it’s for oil storage. Essential oils should be stored out of direct light and this is tinted so it keeps the bright light out. I use these all the time.

Some Essential Oil Uses

My favorite oils are from DoTerra and Young Living.  They make great therapeutic grade oils and I even use some for cooking.

We use Thieves oil when anyone is sick, rub on the bottoms on their feet and in the diffuser.  Ot if you have been exposed to someone else sick. It doesn’t always work but it definitely helps.

I use lemon for cleaning the air. Run it in the diffuser or of ou don’t have one put water in a spray bottle and a few drops of lemon oil and spray the air. I’ve also used it when I’ve made my own cleaning supplies for that fresh lemon scent.

Lavender is great for helping you sleep and wonderful for burns. I had a friend who when canning had a jar explode when she opened up her pressure canner. Using lavender oil not only kept her from blistered but healed her in just a few days.  I keep a bottel in the kitchen just for that purpose.

essential oil storage

Eucalyptus helps breathing difficulty’s and colds. I use it for bronchitis too.. It gets rubbed on chests, back and feet. It also gets ran in the diffuser.

Peppermint is a great pick me up. It can also help when you are hungry, just take a whiff and it helps suppress your appetite. My children use it when studying for tests too to help stay alert and focus.

Orange, I love orange! Mostly to cook with. A few drops in my chocolate muffins are amazing! Enhances recipes with orange juice and love chocolate protein shakes with a hint of orange.  You can also use it with cleaning supply recipes.

Essential Oil Storage

Since these oils can be costly it is important to store them correctly. Keep them out of direct sun. Rotate new stock and old. Make sure they are for therapeutic use if you use them on your skin or take them internally. I have bought some less expensive oils when I have run out or to use whren making cleaning supplies.  How do you use your essential oils and how do you store them?

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