Are wanting to do fun things with your family but don’t want to break your wallet doing so? If you look around in your surrounding towns I’ll bet there are many things you can find to do that are cheap or free. Here’s what we did this weekend.


We went to the Summer-fest for our town this weekend. And although there were many things that cost money there were also many things that didn’t cost anything at all.

Local Talent

Friday night had a talent show and beauty pageant which were free.
We walked around all the booths and decided ahead of time where we would want to spend money We watched the parade although a lot of it were the tractors for the tractor race later in the day.

Eating Treats

We didn’t plan on eating meals there as it was easy to go home and eat but to just spend money on treats we didn’t usually have. And we shared. We shared an elephant ear, homemade root beer, fresh caramel popcorn they made in a huge cauldron and the best-smoked brisket I had ever tasted. But had it been farther away we would have brought our own food for part of the day.

Sit a While

Saturday night they had huge hot air baloons and a very impressive fireworks show for such a little town. We brought folding chairs, water and visited with people while waiting for the festivities to start.


Sunday the guys went to a car show and shine. They got to gaze at cars you normally only find in museums. And they got to gab with the owners.

Finding Things That are Free, Cheap and Fun

So how do you go about finding all these fun things for cheap or free? I found a book of Indiana festivals at the library. It listed every festival all year. Since details are a little sketchy and I wanted to know more I went to a website if listed. If not, I just looked it up. Many towns have a website or at least a Facebook page.

First Fridays

Instead of a festival how about first Fridays or second Saturdays? Many towns have these nights to come to their f town and highlight local businesses. Some have specials for restaurants or special themes. My favorite is Fire and Ice where they have ice sculpting and a chili contest. But beware of the really hot chili.

Parks Department

Another place to look is the town or county parks department. Usually both have something listed. Ours has outdoor movie nights, free music concerts and other family nights. There are walking trails, and in winter, sledding or tubing parks and even winter wonderland walks. One park near us just put in zip lines. There is a cost for this but I found a Groupon for it.


Which brings up way to save money. Use Groupons. Put in the area you want and then things to do. You’ll find a huge variety of things from paint balling to plays to escape rooms to amusement parks.

What are you going to try free this week?

I hope this has helped you find things to do at a reduced price or even free. Which idea are you going to try first? Do you have any I missed to share?

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