Living Life on Purpose

I want to be living life on purpose.  Not just doing what is easy or urgent. It’s so much easier to do whatever looks like its necessary to do next, not thinking and planning and doing. I’ve tried New Years resolutions that never made it past January, let alone October. So I am trying to strengthen bad habits and add new ones a couple at a time.  As a busy mom and (also right now not as able to get around) I don’t do it all.  However, I do manage it all. Here are some things that work for me and habits I am adding.

Rising Early

I have my quiet time with God in the morning. It is what sustains me through the day and keeps me going, as well as being a much kinder person. I like to get a head start on the morning before anyone gets up. If I arise late I feel behind the whole day. But that starts with going to bed early which I am going to have to work much harder at. So I need to set a bedtime and stick with it.

A Schedule

A schedule… things flow so much smoother with a schedule. Children know what to expect and they really do like it. We get much more done, both the necessary stuff, homework, housework, meals, and laundry. As well as the fun stuff, baking, scrap booking, game night and fishing.


I need to add in exercise on a daily basis. I have a tendency to jump in and do too much and them none at all. I need to start slow and keep it a steady pace. I also need to find sitting exercise as I can’t put weight on my foot now. No excuses.


I use Motivated Moms daily charts for housework. But I don’t always follow every day. I’ve also been subscribed to Fly Lady and read a lot of Don Aslets books. All help but doing is what keeps up, not reading about it.

Child training

This has to be a priority before anything else. It is so easy to get busy and not want to stop in the middle of what I am doing to train a child and think it takes to much time. But it actually takes less time when they are young than to root out bad habits in them that are later much harder to break. I have to be willing to stop what I am doing and make this my first priority.

Meal Plan

I am very good at shopping and stocking my pantry with all the sales but less so at making menus. I need to get into an every week habit of doing this. I am also  going to keep track of how much money I actually save using coupons. I need to keep a freezer inventory so  I know what I have.


Laundry is easy to keep up when I make sure it’s done by noon. I start one load as soon as I get up an another after the children leave for school. I have them all folded before the children get home from school and they put them away.  Now if I could just keep up with the socks.
What tips are habits do you have to be living life on purpose instead of by chance?

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