Money on Holiday Meals

I know I’m looking at some big budget meals coming up and I know most of you are too. Here’s how to save money on holiday meals you want to share and enjoy.


We have the same food every year and since I have the menu already planned out. I know what to look for when it’s on sale. We have ham and turkey for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I know to start looking for those sales starting the first of November. Turkeys are going to be cheap and I always get a few extra. Last year they were .59 cent a lb. with $20 purchase. I always get my spiral ham from Aldi’s but I’ve seen hams as low as .99 cent a lb. Christmas Eve, we always have an assortment of appetizers but they are the same every year so when I see an ingredient on sale I get it then. I eat a lot out of my pantry and freezer so I both make room for holiday foods and have room in my budget. Another big thing to save money is…


Everyones Brings Something

Have everyone who comes bring a dish. I have a list I send round about a month before and when I know what someone is bringing I write it down. Less expense, less work, and everyone participates.  I can also steer people toward certain things if needed. For instance, if someone is not a great cook,  I suggest a veggie tray, paper products or pop. If I know they are struggling financially right now maybe mashed potatoes or a vegetable. Great cooks bring desserts. Smile.


A lot of this just comes down to preplanning. Knowing ahead of time what you’re having so you can get the sale prices. Letting others help with the work and knowing what to bring. How to save money on holiday meals isn’t all that difficult when you plan it out first.  What do you do to save money on holiday meals?

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