Our New Adventure

As I shared in the last post here we have had a lot of new things happening.  New decisions, new move, new school, new church, new (temporary) home. I told my children we have a new adventure awaiting. We’re moving into a camper. Yeah!  I keep telling them it will be an adventure, but I’m not sure whether it’s to convince them or me. Maybe both.

Learning about Campers

I have been watching lots of Youtube camper vlogs. Camper tours, camper organization, fulltime camper living, camper hacks, and getting along in a camper. Although sometimes it’s hard to get along in a large apartment so I think this will be a challenge with losing over 1400 square feet. Through these, I have learned a lot of new things. I now know that Command hooks are my new best friend; with the Instapot coming in at a close second. I know more about grey and black water tanks than I ever wanted to know. Oh, and Sailor showers. Most rv’s have a cut-off water value that you turn off after you get wet to use soap and shampoo and then turn on again to rinse.  With only a 6-gallon hot water heater my teenage daughter will not be a happy camper. Ha ha.


Since we are moving into a camper it makes packing more of a challenge.  I have packing that goes into storage, packing for the camper and the in-between stuff. Things I don’t need now, but I will need to be able to access when I need to. Like clothes. I have 2 big closets that are almost 6 feet long. Now I have 1 6 inch closet. Yikes!


I think most campers or rvers must be minimalists.  Otherwise, you would never have room to walk. I just never thought I would be one. I have a daughter who is a minimalist. She came over a few months ago and helped me with my kitchen. We took out 6 boxes to Goodwill and 4 bags to the trash. But I know even that won’t be enough. I am actually astonished at how much stuff we actually have. Trying to pare down to what will fit and not be too crowded will be a difficult job. I think I will actually put in the stuff in the camper I want to keep and then box up the rest. We do have a garage there so I can put boxes in there that we’ll need later in front. Like winter clothes. Although I haven’t packed them yet. We had snow here, on spring break.

We’re Moving into a Camper

So our camper was delivered tonight. That was one thing I asked while looking because we have no way to haul it. I lot of them looked at me strangely. Why have a camper unless you’re moving? This will be our home forever how long it takes until we have a house. A house is just a place. A home is the people there and what you make of it. One of my favorite books is First We Have Coffee. It is about a minster’s wife and my favorite line in the book is “Where we have heart room, we have house room.” So while our house may be small, my heart is big and I love to have guests over. So we’ll have the crowds over in the summer with big backyard BBQs and small dinners in the winter.

A Simpler Season of Life

I sat waiting on the patio for the camper to arrive and the stars felt brighter and closer. I didn’t hear one siren wailing in the night. It was peaceful. I know moving to a small town will still have problems. But they won’t be the same problems. I won’t have my daughter coming home from school after another code blue saying” No big deal. they just found a list and a picture of a gun in somebodies locker.”  They’ve had 1 code blue in 5 years here. The congestion on the road is usually a horse and buggy or a farm tractor. I’m looking forward to a slower pace of life. A simpler season of life. Less stuff. More time. Less hustle. More Peace.

A New Season of Life

So I’m looking forward to this new season of life. We’ll only have 2 children at home. That’s a first in 30 years. We’ll have a much smaller space, a lot to do with the property itself but not a lot of cleaning. I hope more time to enjoy. Enjoy each other, family and friends.

What is God doing in your season of life?



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