Getting Ready For Baby (part 1)

things to get ready for baby part 1

My daughter is due for her first baby next month. As a grandma, I am excited and I love when my girls call with parenting questions. Here are some things to do for getting ready for baby  before the birth.  In part 2 we’ll talk about the after.

Take Care of Yourself

While there are a multitude of things to get done; take frequent naps. Getting sleep the last few weeks is hard. Taking naps can help, a lot. A tired mommy is usually a crabby mommy too. Everything always looks worse when you’re tired so getting enough rest before baby comes is crucial. You sure won’t make it up later.

Get a haircut, a mani-pedi or whatever you like to do to look your best. If your anything like I was, you probably feel fat and totally uncomfortable. A new look help perk you up and makes you feel better about those soon to be new baby photo shots.


Pack your Bag Early

Make sure you have roomy, comfy clothes to go home in that make you feel good. Your skinny jeans won’t fit for a while and with everything leaking you’ll be glad for that pretty top that makes you feel good. A few things not on most list I learned were helpful. I packed a diffuser,  You can’t bring candles and that hospital smell is blech! Music, tinted lip balm- I love Burts Bees,  face wipes and moisturizer. Don’t forget your favorite shower gel just keep odors light for baby. Remember a few things for dad too. A clean shirt, non-smelly snacks and change for the vending machine.

Home and Food

Get your home ready. I know nesting comes in the last couple of months so use the time wisely. Pace yourself. Don’t empty all the cupboards or closets at once. You’ll get tired and sit down and cry looking at all the mess. Do one small area at a time.

Cook ahead and stock up. I tried to plan out the first 2 months of meals for when I was home with the new baby. You don’t need to spend as much time in the kitchen when you could be cuddling or napping.  I love New Leaf Wellness for her great meals that are crockpot ready.  I still do these now, when a cut of meat goes on sale I make 4 usually, one  for dinner 3 for the freezer. That keeps a variety and since I’m always buying at sale prices it’s reasonable.

At the Hospital

Ask the nurses. They’ve heard everything.  They’ll be able to give you all kinds of tips.  Move around, you can get achy staying in one spot and hospital beds are not really comfortable. Don’t expect everything on your birthing plan to go just right. It won’t. Expect some change up. Tomorrow I’ll have part 2.

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