Living Life with No Regrets

Living life with no regrets isn’t easy. I struggles with  other’s expectations what I should do.  A few years ago I had sepsis. It was a very close call and I was sick for a long time after that. When you’re to sick to do much you have a lot of time to think. I decided to start living life with no regrets.  At least as much as possible. To say yes instead of no. Stop worrying. Live life in the moment.

Say Yes Whenever Possible

I look for ways to say yes whenever I can. As I get older it’s not usually the things I’ve done that I’ve regretted. It’s the things I didn’t do. The time I spent doing what I thought I should do instead of what I wanted. Now, I try to say yes as much as possible. With my children, if it’s possible, I say yes.  If we can afford to do it, with money, time and energy, I say yes. With health difficulties, I have to count the cost of what I can do. I used to stay home much more but I was depressed and unhappy not being involved with my family. Now I look at the activities and  decide if it’s something I want to do. If so, I know I’ll probably be down a day or two later and go ahead and do it.

Don’t Worry About Other People’s Opinions

I used to think since we had such a large family people were always looking to see what we did wrong. (And a few did.) I was worried about others opinions since the reason was always ” too many children.”  It felt like I had to have it more together . I fussed at my children to keep things neat and I had unrealistic expectations both for myself and my family.   Plus, I worried to much about what others thought and less about what I wanted. I needed to change.  Worrying about other peoples expectations instead of just doing what I wanted and needed to do was causing stress and anxiety. I needed to life my life as I wanted.

Live in the Moment

I am a planner by nature. I love do to list. Love checking off the little boxes.  Making lists and agendas for vacations, spring break,  holidays and whatever else comes along. Not that there’s anything wrong with being organized but I tend to always be looking ahead instead of enjoying the now. So now I am enjoying whatever I am doing. I enjoy playing games with the kids instead of thinking of undone tasks. I cuddle with grand babies instead of thinking what I could be doing. Investing in people and now not thinking about what’s coming up next. Living life in the moment.

Choose the Eternal

When choosing what activities to put your time, focus and energy into. Always choose the eternal. Choose people over things. Moments and memories will last forever. We’ve had 2 house fires and I know things are burned and destroyed.  Things don’t mean as much to me anymore. My family think I am very unsentimental. But to me the time we make with will people can  never be replaced, things can. My favorite activities are spending time with family, making memories, sharing joy.

Living Life with No Regrets

Doing this is much harder than following checklists.  It’s harder to evaluate activities to decide if they have eternal value than just go through the motions. Hard to ignore what you think about other people think. Learning to say yes instead of no. I hope it doesn’t take something major in your life to reevaluate it.  Do you your life without regrets? What choices have you made in your life?


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Christina Renee

Hi, I'm Christina, a wife of 33 years, mom of 10 and grandmother of 3. I love to help other Moms with mothering, organizing their homes and routines. I've had a lot of struggles with illness having fibromyalgia and being an amputee. Talking to other moms with the challenges that bring and succeeding in spite of it.

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